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Weapon Types:

  • Assault: Assault Weapons are the standard type of weapon.
  • Auto: If the wielder of an automatic weapon attacks with it in the same turn that he has moved, then it only has half it's normal range.
  • Heavy: Heavy Weapons may not be fired on the same turn that their wielder moved.

Weapon Stats:

  • Type: Indicates the weapons usage and the number of attacks it can make.
  • Hands: How many hands are required to operate a weapon. Unless otherwise indicated, a model may only use 2 hands to operate it's weapons.
  • Strength: The weapons ability to cause damage.
  • Penetration: The weapon's ability to punch through armour.
  • Range: How far away from the firer a weapon can be used.
  • Special: Any special abilities the weapon has
Sample Weapons: Type: H: S: P: R: Special:
Blastgun (frag) Assault 1 2 1 - 36" 3" Blast, Panic
Blastgun (Heat) Assault 1 2 5 1 36"
Plasma Rifle, +5 Points Auto 2 2 5 3 24"
Fusion Rifle, +5 Points Assault 1 2 6 4 18" Fusion
Sniper Rifle, +5 Points Heavy 1 2 5 2 48" Panic
Flamethrower, +5 Points Assault 1 2 4 - 12" Ignores Cover, Torrent
EMP Rifle, +5 Points Assault 1 2 1 4 12" EMP

Weapon Modes:A weapon listed with multiple entries and different bracketed subtypes has multiple firing modes. Any mode may be used when using the weapon, but only a single mode may be used per attack action.

Morale and Panic:

If a unit is attacked and takes casualties, it must make a morale check (using it's Morale stat). If it fails, the unit becomes Panicked.

A Panicked unit cannot attack, charge, or capture or contest objects, and can only move if it would not make them closer to any enemy units.