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Unit Stats:

  • Weapons: A model's ability to hit an enemy accurately with a weapon.
  • Evasion: A model's ability to avoid enemy fire, and make good use of terrain.
  • Toughness: How hard it is to damage a model.
  • Speed: The speed in inches that a model may move.
  • Proficiency: A model's ability to perform actions not directly related to weapons.
  • Armour: How much protection a model's armour grants it.
  • Morale: How disciplined a model is.
Unit Examples: W E T S P A M
Star Knights 5 4 5 5 4 3+ 3+
Colonial Militiaman 3 3 3 6 3 5+ 5+
Elden Regulars 5 5 3 7 7 4+ 2+
Greenskin Warriors 3 2 4 6 2 6+ 5+
Mechanoid Combat Frame 4 3 4 4 4 4+ 2+

Unit Types:

Infantry: Infantry are the basic type of unit, and have no special advantages or disadvantages.

Jet Infantry: Jet Infantry (equipped with jet packs, wings, anti-gravity gear, or other means of personal flight) do not suffer terrain penalties to movement, and can freely move over any terrain.

Juggernauts: Juggernauts are unusually large and powerful infantry units. They may wield 2 handed weapons as though they were 1 handed weapons. They do not suffer penalties to their weapons usage based on movement. When moving through difficult terrain, Juggernauts may use the average of their Speed and Proficiency instead of the lower of them.


Attacking:When a vehicle makes an attack action, it may fire with any and all weapons it has. A Vehicle that makes a Charge attack is still restricted to the use of Melee weapons. Vehicles do not suffer penalties to attacking from moving.

Movement:When a vehicle takes a move action, it may only move directly forwards and backwards. It may only rotate at the start or the end of it's movement (not both), and only up to 90 degrees. It must rotate using the center of the vehicle as it's pivot point.

Vehicle subtypes:

Hover:Hover vehicles do not suffer terrain penalties to movement.

Wheels:Wheeled vehicles may add 6 inches to their speed during a move action in which they do not rotate.

Tracks:A tracked vehicle may rotate both before and after it moves.

Walkers:A walking vehicle may rotate at any single point during it's movement.


Transport Capacity:A unit with a Capacity entry is able to carry as many infantry models. The transport may carry models of multiple units, but may not carry more models then it's capacity. A unit may only board a transport of it's own army.

Destroyed Transports:If a transport is destroyed with units aboard, each carried unit takes a number of automatic hits equal to it's number of models. The hits have half the Strength and Penetration of the weapon that destroyed the transport. If multiple different weapons would have destroyed it simultaneously, use the highest values. After resolving the hits and removing the transport from play, immediately deploy the units in the transports previous position.