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Special Rules

Barrage: A Unit attacked by a Barrage weapon does not gain any cover bonuses from terrain blocking line of site between them and their attacking unit. They may still gain cover from any other source.

Bodyguard: If a unit is taken as a Bodyguard for a model, then that model becomes part of that unit in every way for the duration of the game. A Bodyguard unit does not count to wards unit count limits.

Capture: Units with the Capture ability are the only units that may use the Capture action.

EMP: Weapons or Models with the EMP rule always damage vehicles on a roll of at least a 2+.

Fearless: Units with the Fearless ability do not take penalties to their morale checks.

Fierce Assault: When making a charge, a model with Fierce Assault may gains 1 extra attack with each of it's weapons.

Flanker: When deploying from reserves, a unit with Flanker may deploy along any table edge.

Fleet: Units with the Fleet ability may use a Run instead of a Move when Charging.

Fusion: Weapons or Models with the Fusion rule always damage vehicles on a roll of at least a 4+.

Leadership: A model with the leadership rule may have it's Morale and Proficiency stats used by any friendly unit within the indicated range. If no range (or a range of 0") is specified, then the bonus only applies to the unit in which the model is a member.

Linked Weapons: A group of linked weapons count as a single weapon with the rate of fire of the collective group. I.e. a Twin weapon has double the rate of fire, a quadruple weapon has 4 times the rate of fire, etc.

Massive: A model with the Massive rule is too large to be carried aboard a transport.

Mechanised: When attacked, a unit or model with the Mechanised rule is is not affected by the bonus of the Poison ability, but is affected the the Fusion and EMP abilities.

Melee: Weapons with the Melee rule are the only weapons that may be used during a charge action.

Panic: A Panic weapon forces the receiving unit to take a Morale check upon being hit.

Poison: A weapon or unit with the poison rule will always wound a non-vehicle unit on at least a roll of the indicated value. IE, a Poison (4+) weapon would always wound on a roll of 4 or higher.

Recon: A unit with Recon may deploy in it's owning player's Recon deployment zone.

Seeker: A weapon or unit with the Seeker rule ignores ignores any evasion bonuses of the unit it is being used against.

Size: A model with the Size rule counts as being the listed number of models for determining how many spaces in a transport it requires, and hits taken if the transport is destroyed.

Stealth: A model with the Stealth rule gains an additional +1 Evasion bonus from cover.

Skirmisher: A unit with Skirmisher may make a free Move action after a Charge attack.

Warlord: For every model with the Warlord ability that is alive and on the table, the player gains an extra action per turn.