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Game Setup

Army Selection: Agree to a game size with your opponent. Typical sizes are Patrol (500 points), Platoon (1000 points), and Company (2500 points). All players should then choose a single army list of the matching size, and select units and upgrades from that list to form their army. The total points cost of the army cannot exceed the agreed to size.

Terrain Selection: Place terrain on the playing table in a mutually agreeable manner. Ideal terrain should have varying types, cover between a third and a half of the board, and limit sightlines. If you cannot agree on terrain, decide randomly. See the Terrain section for details.

Objectives: An objective should be a suitable model (fuel/ammo dump, flag, etc) on a round 25mm base. If an objective is captured by a player, he removes it from the table and keeps it (give it back to the owner at the end of the game!). Place objectives in an agreeable manner, or decide randomly.

Turn Order: To determine turn order, each player should roll a Technical check for any model of their choice that is in their army. Players may add a +1 bonus to this check for every 25 points below the maximum army size which their army totals to. In descending order of the result, select the order in which the players will play.

Deployment: In order, each player must select a single unit and deploy it. Units can be deployed to any zone in the table in which they can legally be deployed, or to the owning players reserves, or on board any eligable transport which has not yet been deployed.

Play: In order, each player may take turns and use actions. A play does not have to use all his actions, though his turn ends automatically when they are all used.

Victory: The game is ended when all objectives are captured. The player with a majority of the objectives at the end of the game wins. If no player has a majority, then a player may win if all opposing armies have been completely destroyed.