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Any unit may only select any given action once per player turn (each unit may select multiple different actions, and the same action can be taken by multiple different units). Actions granted as part of another action do not count for this (a unit could Move and Charge in the same turn, but it could not select the Charge action twice). A player receives a number of actions per turned based on the starting size of his army, and receiveds a bonus action for each model with the Warlord ability he has on the table.

  • 1-500 Points: 2 base actions per turn
  • 501-1000 Points: 3 base actions per turn
  • 1001-1500 Points: 4 base actions per turn
  • 1501-2000 Points: 5 base actions per turn
  • 2000+ Points: 6 base actions per turn


To begin an attack action, select a target unit. Every model in the attacking unit may attack with 2 hands (a single 2-handed or a pair of 1-handed) of weapons of their choice that is within range of at least 1 model in the target unit, and all models in the target unit must attack the target unit. All attacks from the unit are resolved simultaneously. Any model in the unit may attack with any weapon(s) of his choice, or not attack at all.

Firstly, determine the hits from each weapon. Determine if the attacks hit by rolling the Weapons Skill for each model, for each attack of the chosen weapon against the average Evasion of the target unit.

Secondly, determine the wounding. For each hit, determine if it wounds by rolling the strength of each hit against the average toughness of the defending unit.

Thirdly, determine the deaths. For each wound, the defending player should roll the average armour of the defending unit, modified by the AP of the attacking weapon. For each failed armour roll, a model from the target unit of the defending player's choice becomes a casualty, and is removed from the table.


When taking a move action, a unit may move about the battlefield (horizontally or vertically) up to it's speed stat in inches and in any direction or combination of directions it chooses. No individual model may move farther then it's speed.


A unit that takes a Run action may move up to twice their speed in inches, but may only do so in a straight line and across clear terrain. A unit that sprints gains a +1 bonus to it's evasion until the start of it's owners next turn.

Dig In:

When a unit spends a turn digging in, they gain the benefit of Soft Cover from all directions, until any model in the unit moves.


A unit that is dug in may fortify their position, which increases their cover from soft cover to hard cover.


A unit that is panicked that attempts to Rally may roll their Morale. If they succeed, they are no longer panicked. If they fail, they gain a +1 (cumulative) bonus to further attempts to rally, which lasts until they are successful.


A charge action combines a move and attack action. The selected unit nominates a target unit, which it moves towards as per the Move action rules. After moving, it may attack the target unit as per the Attack action, but only with weapons that have the Melee ability.


A unit with the Capture ability may use an action to capture an objective. At least 1 model of the unit must be in base contact with the objective, and there may be no enemy units withing 24" of the objective.


If a unit spends an action to Aim, it may add a +2 bonus on it's Weapons Skill during it's next Attack Action.


A model that is deployed to the reserves may use a Deploy action to enter the board. It may enter the board from any table edge along a zone of the table from which it could have normally deployed during the deployment phase.


A unit may board an eligable transport vehicle by using an Embark action. The transport must have sufficient empty space to carry the unit, and every model in the unit must be within 1" of the transport.


A unit may leave it's transport vehicle by using a Disembark action. Every model in the unit immediately deploys onto the table within 1" of the transport. A unit cannot disembark if there is not sufficient space for it to deploy.