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Standard Units

Strike Squad: W E T S P A M
0-1 Strike Squad Leader, 15 Points 4 4 3 6 4 4+ 3+
4-7 Strike Trooper, 12 Points 3 3 3 6 4 4+ 4+

Unit Type: Infantry

Wargear: Combat Armour, Pulse Rifle, Pulse Pistol, EMP Grenades

Special Rules (All): Supressive Fire

Special Rules (Leader): Leadership

Any model may exchange it's Pulse Rifle for a Pulse Carbine.

A Strike Squad Leader may take 2 Drones of any type.

A Strike Squad Leader may take a Signallight for 10 Points

Kazen Hunter Squad: W E T S P A M
0-1 Kazen Huntmaster, 10 Points 4 4 3 6 3 6+ 4+
4-10 Kazen Hunters, 7 Points 3 4 3 6 3 6+ 5+
0-1 Kazen Hound, 6 Points 4 4 3 7 1 6+ 5+

Unit Type: Infantry

Hunter Wargear: Leather Armour, Spike Rifle, 2 Knives

Hound Wargear: Leather Armour, Hound's Bite

Special Rules (All): Recon, Flanker, Stealth

Special Rules (Huntmaster): Leadership

The unit (except the Hound) may take Frag Grenades for 1 point per model, and EMP grenades for 2 points per model

The Huntmaster may exchange is Spike Rifle for a Pulse Rifle or Pulse Carbine for 5 points.

The Huntmaster may exchange his Leather Armour for Flak Armour for 2 points, or Body Armour for 5 Points.

Drone Squad: W E T S P A M
4-8 Drones, 10 Points 3 3 3 9 3 4+ 5+

Unit Type: Jet Infantry

Volunteer Wargear: Combat Armour, Twin Pulse Carbine

Special Rules: Mechanized, Detached Units

Detached Units: When deploying a Drone Squad, you may remove models from it and add them to any other units that have not yet been deployed. Only units listed as being able to take Drones may have drones attached, and no unit may take more drones then it is listed as being able to take.

Any Drone may exchange it's Twin Pulse Rifles for any of the following:
- Plasma Rifle, 5 Points
- Fusion Rifle, 5 Points
- EMP Rifle, 5 Points
- Flamethrower, 5 Points
- Minigun, 10 Points
- Cluster Missiles, 10 Points
- Communications Array, 40 Points
- Signallight Device, 10 Points
- Phase Shield Generator and Heavy Plate, 20 Points

Terran Outcast Squad: W E T S P A M
8-12 Outcasts, 5 Points 2 2 3 6 2 5+ 5+

Unit Type: Infantry

Volunteer Wargear: Flak Armour, Laser Rifle, Knife, Frag Grenades

For every 4 models in the squad, one may exchange his Laser Rifle for a Pulse Rifle or Pulse Carbine for 10 points.

One Outcast may be upgraded to a Medic and given a First Aid Kit for 20 points