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Rules and Equipment


Supressing Fire: When a model with the Suppressive Fire rule makes an attack with a weapon with the Panic ability, morale checks against the Panic effect are taken with a -2 penalty.

Drones as Vehicle Equipment: When a vehicle is equipped with drones, the drones are considered and operated as part of the vehicle. The vehicles base statistics are used in every respect for the combined unit, althought any weapons or battlesuit systems the drones are equipped with may be operated normally.

By expending an action, the vehicle may detached the drones (and their own equipment) from the vehicle. The drones must enter play within 1" of the base vehicle, and form their own unit.

A vehicle that has detached it's drones may expend an action to attach a number of drones up to it's drone capacity. These drones must be within 1" of the vhicle, and become the vehicles new drone complement in every respect.


Note: A model with a piece of equipment in it's standard wargear will have any stat changes from that equipment already included in it's stat line.

Leather Armour: Grants a model a 6+ armour save.

Flak Armour: Grants a model a 5+ armour save.

Combat Armour: Grants a model a 4+ armour save.

Battlesuit Armour: Grants a model a 3+ armour save.

Heavy Plates: A model with Heavy Plates increases it's armour save by 1, and reduces it's speed by 2.

Signallights: A Signallight device is an IR designator commonly used by Federation forces to mark targets for other friednly units to engage, and may be used in place of a weapon during an attack action. When an enemy unit is hit by a model that has and is using it's Signallight, it takes no damage from that attack. It instead gains a Signallight token, which any of your units may later remove from the target unit to gain a +1 bonus on it's to hit rolls against the target for a single attack action.

Active Camoflage: A model with Active Camoflage always has soft cover.

Aid Kit: If a unit contains a model with an Aid Kit, then once per turn it may ignore a single casualty it suffers.

Battlesuit Systems

Chaff Launchers, 5 Points: A model with Chaff Launchers is not affected by the Seeker ability when attacked.

Full Band Spectrograph, 10 Points: A model with a Spectrograph may ignore the Stealth rule on any unit it attacks.

Motion Trackers, 10 Points: A model with a Movement Tracker gains the Seeker special rule.

Target Designator, 10 Points: A model with a Target Designator may attack a separate target from the rest of his unit when they make an attack action.

Signallight Device, 10 Points See Core Rules

Turbo Thrusters, 15 Points: A model with Turbo Thrusters increases it's Speed by 3.

Phase Shield Generator, 15 Points: A model equipped with a Phase Shield Generator cannot have it's armour save reduced below a 4+.

Communications Array, 40 Points: As long as a model with the Communications Array is alive and on the board, when you use the Deploy action you may bring 2 units onto the board instead of 1, as long as both units can (and do!) deploy from the selected table edge.