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Rules and Equipment


Fire Teams: Any unit with the Fire Teams ability and at least 4 models may use an action to split into 2 more more separate units. Each resultant group must have at least 4 models, but otherwise may split in any combination. After splitting, the resultant units are separate units and treated as such for the rest of the game.

Martyrs: Units with the Martyr rule have little fear of death, and do not take morale checks from casualties.


Note: A model with a piece of equipment in it's standard wargear will have any stat changes from that equipment already included in it's stat line.

Knight Armour: Grants the wearer a 3+ armour save.

Seige Armour: Grants the model a grants a 2+ armour save, and increases it's durability by 1. Reduces Speed and Evasion by 1.

Jump Pack: Changes the user's type to Jump Infantry. Increases Speed by 3.

Battle Armour: Gives the wearer a 4+ armour save.

Body Armour: Gives the wearer a 5+ armour save.

Aid Kit: If a unit contains a model with an Aid Kit, then once per turn it may ignore a single casualty it suffers.