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Null Strike

Null Strike is a miniatures-independent wargame that I'm writing.

The idea is to make it playable with any 28mm-ish set of models you want to - including dollar store type plastic army men, lego dudes, or even chess pieces or something like that if your friends will put up with you doing it.

Got some opinions? Feel free to express them. This is the internet.

Large Scale Balance Update

Got to play a larger game today, at 1500 points. Looking back on it though, there were a few things that needed changing:

  • Actions per turn will now scale up with the size of the game instead of a flat 2+warlords amount
  • Federation Marauder Battlesuits have been buffed a bit, but are now single model units (plus drone option) instead of 1-3 model teams
  • Federation Strike Trooper statlines were nerfed
  • Star Knight Siege Troopers had their weapon options rewritten.

On a tactical advice note, if you're going to run a list with multiple death star type units, don't feed them to your opponent one at a time. Steve.


Added prototype rules for Colonial Militia infantry lists. Vehicles will be added at some point in the future.


Added the first version of rules for the Crusaders.

First Post!

So far, I have the Core Rules up, and the rules for both the Federation and Star Knights.

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